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film as process

Cinema Manifests is an essay on my practice written in 2013 while studying at LUCA School of Arts, Brussels.

1 - Engage
2 - A Body of Work
3 - Movement and Gesture
4 - Uncompromising
5 - The Everyday

by Miki Ambrózy

Cinema Manifests


Engaging with the world that surrounds us

People whose lives we pass by merit our solidarity for no particular reason. Before I became interested in cinema, I had lived far away from my native culture for quite some time. In such a situation, exposure to a different language and another way of being generates reflexivity.


A Body of Work

One’s cinema is aligned to one’s self if it comes from a personal desire, question or natural curiosity ...


Movement and Gesture as Meaning

Film theory and critique are only valuable insofar as they foster the practice of experimentation in film and related arts, so that cinema can offer future scenarios for humanity. The materiality of cinema often goes unreflected in a result and production-oriented culture.


Uncompromising Cinema

Cinema as an art form has the potential to shed light on the destructive effects of mainstream culture, politics and ideology. In western thought Deleuze has written about art as resistance...


Between Chronicle and Reminiscences

What is the role of intuition in making (experimental) cinema if one is expected (to pretend) to know the outcome of a work before it’s complete? Should one be under the illusion of being in control of the (pro-)filmic situation?