1/2020 - Everything Gardens - e-learning and media design with permaculture educator and social activist Kate Curtis (CCIVS)

06/2019 - Letters to Friends - workshop with Herb Shellenberger, Rupert Center for Art and Education - Vilnius, Lithuania

18-19/05/2019 - A Mechanical Craft - film programme and workshop with Richard Tuohy and Dianna Barrie, Ozo Cinema Hall - Vilnius, Lithuania

03/2019 - Handmade Emulsion - workshop with Esther Urlus - Baltic Analogue Lab, Riga, Latvia

Spring 2019 — Woodworking Masterclass - afterschool design workshops for high school students — with Tomas Knizelis and Aurelija Slapikaite — Vilnius, Lithuania

2017-2018 - Round Trip Volunteering - A collaborative web-documentary and training course with and for nonprofit volunteering organisations. Tutor & editor - Paris, France

24-26/11/2016, Labo Bxl - Basic 16mm Handmade Filmmaking. Tutor - Brussels, Belgium

2014 to present - member of Labo BxL (Belgium) and Baltic Analogue Lab (Latvia)  - independent artist-run film laboratories for the research and production of celluloid-based audiovisual works

3/2015 - Distortion is Truth - the sound of microphones, speakers and re-recording - audio hacking workshop with Johan Vandermaelen - Ghent, Belgium

2014 - Vlaamse Audiovisueel Fonds Grant for the Screenplay of “Granite Point”

02/2014 - HerculesLab - “Listening from Silence” (Foley) - workshop with Elias Vervecken - Ghent, Belgium

10/2013 - Four Films - film programme of LUCA School of Arts graduation films, Cinema Aventure - Brussels, Belgium

Compost Heaps #1

Rites of Resistance

Fabric of Time / Foszló idő 

Endgame / Végjáték

The One to be Taken / Home

Five Lives by Silence