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The One to be Taken / Home 

duration: 20’
source format: HDV video
production format: HD video
distribution: HD video

The One to be Taken / Home is the first of in a series of films looking at family and memory. It is a video work I made while spending three weeks with a Medanese family at a temporary urban settlement in North-Sumatra. The film follows the structure of night and day, and the lives of Fitri, Julie, Talenta and others.

In this work I attempt to become part of a place unknown - to explore a landscape like a naive ethnographer, if that's possible at all. The film invites the spectator to experience simply being there, sitting by and walking with the family members and the children.

Image / Sound / Edit - Miki Ambrózy
Artistic coaching / sound mixing - Patrick Codenys
Music compositions - Janis Strapcans
Editing coach - Ben Russell

Auto-produced with the support of the SoundImageCulture workspace

HDV, 2013, 20’


29/03/2016 - Cinema Oscar - Antwerpen, Belgium
21/12/2012 - SoundImageCulture, Beurschouwbourg - Brussels, Belgium
08/04/2013 Sound Image Culture workshop, Brussels


(c) Miki Ambrózy