watch — film and video



duration: 8’
source format: 16mm
production format: 16mm
distribution: HD video

A performative re-enactment of a childhood memory, with three performers and the 16mm film camera on the dolly as the fourth.

As a cinematic experiment, I wanted to understand through physical movement the domestic conflict I witnessed growing up. The subtle, piercing music of Kostas Hanis and the choreography devised by Andreas Hannes, Caroline Daish and Alex Tsiamoglou complete the experience of the gestures of a breaking relationship.

The film is an outtake from the larger project of re-constructing memories with the help of  cinema’s means (see also Fabric of Time).

Directed & written by Miki Ambrózy
Choreographed by Andreas Chanis
Performed by Alexis Tsiamoglou, Caroline Daish, Maxim Daish-Belay
Cinematograhy by Sebastien Koeppel and Boris Belay
Dolly operator: Miki Ambrózy
Live sound performance by Patrick Codenys
Sound mixing by Patrick Codenys

Produced by Miki Ambrózy and Luca School of Arts, Sint Lukas Campus (Belgium) September 2013 ©

2013, 16mm, 8’


3/07/2014 - From Gray to Color Scale Project - Ioannina, Greece
23/07/2014 - Dance Days - Chania, Greece
28/07/2014 - Clusters at ARTiria Festival -  Lefkada, Greece
23/08/2014 - One Small Step, Urban Dance Festival - Corfu, Greece
23/02/2014 - Athens Video Dance - Athens, Greece


(c) Miki Ambrózy, Boris Belay, Sébastien Koeppel