watch — film and video

duration: 20'
source formats: 16mm, 8mm, video
production format: 16mm
distribution: 16mm, color and  BW, optical sound

The buddhist master Dōgen writes: “When bearing a child, do parent and child emanate together? (…) You should study and penetrate how the time when parent becomes child is the practice and realization of bearing a child.”

My transformation from child to parent was like an endless cycle of resistances, including going from digital filmmaking into the underworld of laboratory based work. Every obstacle possible came my way and I embraced them all.

The writing that accompanied me on this journey ended up becoming the film itself: writing as film/film as writing, image as text/text as image. The relentless flow of life passing through projected light…

Produced by Visualantics
Photography, printing and text - Miki Ambrózy
Edit - Fairuz, Miki Ambrózy
Editing advisors - Els Van Riel, Andreas Hannes
Negative cutting - Mariette Michaud
Photochemical engineering - Etienne Caire, MTK Grenoble
Typography - Salome Schmuki
Sound design - Boris Debackere, Miki Ambrózy
Composer - Kostas Chanis
Sound camera - Guillaume Mazloum
Technical support - Boris Belay

Quoted Works:
Susan Sontag: Against Interpretation (1966) © London : Penguin Classics, 2009
Internegatives and effects:
Etienne Caire (MTK Grenoble)
Guillaume Mazloum (L'Abominable Paris)
Miki Ambrózy (LABO BxL)
Release prints:
Color by DeJonghe, Kortrijk
Produced by Brecht Debackere
Produced with the financial support of the Flemish Audiovisual Fund (VAF)

2017, 16mm, optical sound, 20’


“Rites of Resistance is a film from a concerned filmmaker. It is a metafilm. About film, text, sound, matter. This 16mm-film about the elements of filmmaking starts from that which surrounds the filmmaker as a person: the lake, the field, the wood, nature, fire… There is no story. But something is growing: about a mother, a child, a father… About time that changes. Things that come and go. So, while the images are concrete, the film tends to remain rather abstract. This is a film about images and the imagination. What counts are not the images themselves, but how they interfere: how they are lined up against their will, so to speak. The conclusion for the viewer has to be lost in film (kind of being lost in translation). As if an image came and left again, where an image is a word is an image is a word …”

- Pieter van Bogaert (


3/2021 - Screening at Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts, Prague, Czech Republic
12/2019 - Prisme #2 Festival - Nantes, France

28/11/2019 – University Greobles Alps – Ardeche Image L’Ecole Documentaire Lussas, An Evening with the Works of Miki Ambrózy
07/2019 - Suspaustas Laikas Experimental Film Festival - Nida, Lithuania
11/2018 - Cycle de Projections L’Abominable, Cinema Étoile, La Courneuve - Paris, France
10/2018 - 16mm Cinema with Tomaz Burlin, Baltic Analogue Lab - Riga, Latvia
06/2018 - FE5TIWOL, WOLKE Brussels
03/2018 - Process - Analogue Film Festival - Riga, Latvia
02/2018 - “Contact Phenomena”, 102 Grenoble, France
11/2017 - “Back to the Future” Festival at WORM, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
06/2017 - Avant-Premiere, Cinema Nova, Brussels