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Fabric of Time 

Foszló idő

duration: 40'
source formats: 16mm, 8mm, video
production format: HD video
distribution: HD video

Fabric of Time (Foszló idő) is a cinematic research into documents, memories and traumas in my family. The film is based on fragments: the family photo archive, cassette recordings of telephone conversations, an abandoned summer house, and the ruthless Soviet-style gymnastics ritual of my father.

I use different image-making and sound-recording technologies as markers of the narrative construction (cassette, 8mm, 16mm, HDV video).

The film is poetic reflection and a collective re-construction of memory in a typical middle-class Hungarian family in the 1980s and in the early 2010s.

Written and directed by Miki Ambrózy Performed by Ambrózy György, Ambrózy Virág, Darvas Ilona Katalin, Alexis Tsiamoglou, Caroline Daish, Maxim Daish-Belay
Photographed by Boris Belay, Ambrózy Miki (Hungary)
Cinematography by Sebastien Koeppel (Belgium)

Sound mastered by Patrick Codenys
Edited by Rudi Maerten
Music by Kostas Hanis
Choreography by Andreas Hannes

Winner of the Wildcard for filmlab (experimental film) in 2013 (Vlaamse Audiovisueele Fonds)

2013, 8mm - 16mm - HDV, 40’

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19/03/2014 - Le Cube: Anthropologies Numériques 2ème edition, Paris, France
03/2014 - KK Gallery Brussel Selectie Belgische eindwerken experimentele kortfilm & multimedia - Brussels, Belgium
27/02/2014 - KASK cinema Het grote ongeduld xtra - Ghent, Belgium
15/02/2014 - Extrapool Nijmegen: The Cinema of Gestures - Nijmegen, The Netherlands
30/01/2014 - East in the West – Short Films by Graduates – Balassi Institute - Brussels, Belgium
19/12/2013 - SoundImageCulture, Beursschouwbourg - Brussels, Belgium
7/12/2013 - International Short Film Festival Leuven - Leuven, Belgium
16/10/2013 - Cinema Aventure: Four Films, Brussels, Belgium


(c) Miki Ambrózy, Boris Belay 2013