watch — film and video

holding, not
- measuring

duration: 8-12'
source format: 16mm
production format: 16mm
distribution: live performance

How does the body of the filmer measure reality? What can we (be)hold as artists while engaged in the slow and structured work of personal cinema?

My performance invites the viewer to contemplate the perspectives of walking, swinging, holding, pausing, cradling, measuring. Created collaboratively with whoever is around me, the performance expands on codes of cinema, cinematography, and the aesthetics of the “good image”. The image is neither good, nor beautiful - it just is.

The performance is accompanied by poetry written for the occasion, performed live. The work is part of my research at Vilnius Academy of Arts into the experience when personal-process cinema and industrial production meet. First developed within the Film Farm Oberhausen workshop, 2022 May, Oberhausen

Filmed, developed, printed, re-printed and performed by Miki Ambrózy

2022, 16mm


(c) Miki Ambrózy 2022