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What if the film I’m making could speak?

by Miki Ambrózy

In the Words of the Film

January 2016

I'm looking for a place. I will bring you words, images, rites and textures printed with light. Over and over again. 

I desire to be a place where creation thrives: unbound space, expression limited by its own tools, the voice of a mind that accepts contingency. I am a reflection on making handmade cinema, on assuming roles in the universe, on the beautiful nothing of the everyday, on the moments of wonder never captured - but always alive as memory.

I am a sense of


I only hear screams
barely mutterings.

I am now, I can't return

but I repeat myself
in a renewing movement.

I'm only coherent in you:
through each other we exist -


I start a phrase for you to finish,
a melody to hum,
a memory to approach.

We are in an interaction gently forced upon you by my primitive machinery - of word, of image, of texture.

To draw you into it, I say it's a conversation:
of mind and intuition.

Barely a story to balance on.
With no comfort or solution.

I am words on screen.
I am motion, light, colour.