watch — moving sound/image

seeds of degrowth

duration: 8-12'
format: single-screen film and /or 16mm and video performance

Without sampling, there is no soil. Without film stock, there's no reality.

This film is a proposal for a new cultural technique. Combining the practices of tracing and sensing, we are exploring a new radical imaginary. In seeds of degrowth, intelligence is understood as the dynamic genius of life forms as they are evolving. Life is restless and inarticulate. Its forms are un-doing, de-growing and returning to matter. The human is in waiting. They are witnessing, but they cannot speak this language of life. Our intelligence is nothing like emulsion's or soil's. All that we're capable of are cultural techniques. Sampling, exposing, gathering, layering, cultivating, voicing, spelling. Soil and film enable worlds that are unstable. Can the artist and the scientist accept instability?

Seeds of degrowth is a research-based art project, involving performance, experimental writing, cinema and soil microbiology. We are using a mode of operation that we call experimental ecopoetics. In this mode, the creation of a film is considered as a symbiotic act with the events around it. Photochemical film is used to search and research forms with soil, landscape, the microscopic, the haphazard and the intentional.

How could a degrowth process be activated through the oracle practice’s accumulated experience? What happens to camera images when we disperse them in a constellation of microbiological forces? How does the temporality of poetry, in its encounter with the vocal-spatial-durational strategies of the oracle practice affect a screen-work?

seeds of degrowth
March 2024, Brussels, Belgium. nadine - contemporary laboratory for contemporary arts.

Artists: Caroline Daish, Miklós Ambrózy - with Nojus Drasutis, Sophie Durand, Ruta Vizbaraite and Rasa Janciauskaite

Media: voices, ambient sound, digital screens, 16mm film transferred to digital


2024, 16mm and video


(c) Miki Ambrózy, Nojus Drasutis 2024