exhibitions — kinosomatic loops  

Hologramos ‘23, Vilnius Academy of Arts

kinosomatic loops

We are but brief projections of matter in space

Format/duration: moving image installation, loop
Techniques: contact printing, solarization, digital scan
Materials: 16mm film, fabric, vegetal life, emulsion, light

HOLOGRAMOS, International Biennial of Typography. 2023 December.

In a kinosomatic loop, images and graphemes unfold like vegetal life. My installation is inspired by the genetic cycle of images, first articulated by Gilbert Simondon. What if mental images were relations between the living being and its milieu, instead of representations of already lived experience? Could this thought experiment bring us closer to encountering organisms on their terms?

Based on Michael Marder’s philosophy of plant-thinking, and using a circular movement across multiple screens, the kinosomatic loop wants to be the genesis of potential images. In times of war, can vegetal life persuade us to look and listen with a different quality?

The moving image artefacts are created through experiments in expanded cine-writing. This is a transdisciplinary practice which involves a symbiotic relationship between expanded cinema, experimental writing, typography and body movement. We are but brief projections of matter in space.