hand & heart 

a product design workshop made in Vilnius

I was fortunate to team up with Tomas Knizelis (Functional Art Studio) and Aurelija Slapikaite (A-FORM) to organize a workshop for students in Vilnius. Student designers and I experienced a complete cycle of product design led by the material of wood.

Project supported by: Vilnius International School’s design program (2018-2019)
Partners: Aurelija Slapikaite (A-FORM), Tomas Knizelis (Funckionaliojo Meno Studija)
Location: Lithuania, Vilnius, Polocko g.

design, production and photography © Tomas Knizelis, Aurelija Slapikaite and Miki Ambrózy. Thanks to Ana, Danielius, Ilya and Ruta.