seeds of degrowth (ongoing series), 2024 

kinosomatic loop, 2023, installation & performance (16mm and digital)

granitepoints - film gestures in minor key, 2023, essay film

Holding, Not - Measuring, 2022, 16mm performance

What Could One Say About Something That is Not Supposed to Exist
Foreword to the Screening of This Day Won’t Last (image © Mouaad el Salem)

Crocographics - color photogram
Crocographics. Color photogram for a Book (2020). 
Nasturtium leaves, wrapping paper, pigment on Fuji Crystal Archive paper, 20cm by 25cm

Everything Gardens. Open online course for growing an edible ecosystem. With Kate Curtis.
Developed for the Climate Justice campaign of the Coordinating Commitee of the International Voluntary Service.

what is design? An educational project under development at Vilnius International School. (2018 - ongoing)

Compost Color (2019 July) - 35mm, triple exposure

Glimpses of a Film’s Journey
( 2019 September) - film as process

making emulsion (2019 March) - with Esther Urlus and BAL Riga